Group Exercise

        VIVE's Group Exercise program is a fun and exciting way to add variety to your workout routine!  HIIT classes and MetaFit will give those in a hurry a chance to work hard and get done in a short time frame.  Like to dance?  We have a variety of fun and exciting dance fitness classes to challenge you.  We also offer slower paced, strength training group classes for those looking for toning and weight work.  TrampoLEAN is a fast paced, dynamic workout offering low impact by way of the trampolines used in the workout. Our team of passionate instructors is always striving to bring you the best possible group exercise experience and the latest and greatest class offerings!   

Personal Training


        VIVE's Personal Training program offers solutions for anyone looking to reach their optimal levels of health and fitness.  Our diverse staff of trainers provide high quality programming, coaching, and support for their clients in a variety of settings to offer options for everyone's schedule and budget.  From One-On-One training, where our team can provide personalized workouts and support to reaching your specific goals, to effective and exciting Buddy Training and Semi-Private Training sessions  providing those with similar goals and abilities a different training dynamic, to our very popular Group Training sessions which offer expert instruction in a high energy group atmosphere, we know that we can offer you the training program you need to succeed.  For those who would prefer to workout on their own or would like to exercise outside of VIVE but would still like the guidance of our training staff, we offer Program Design and monitoring via Trainerize (a fitness guide and tracker app, which will have your personalized program uploaded and regularly reviewed by your trainer).  

Personal Training


Yoga & Barre

VIVE's Yoga and Barre class offerings, as well as our beautiful, dedicated Yoga and Barre Studio, can give your body and your mind a nice change of pace from your daily grind and from our more intense classes.  Different styles of yoga are available, ranging from static stretch based Yin Yoga to "breath synchronized movement" in Vinyasa Yoga.  Body awareness, breath focus, and meditative components are included in all of our yoga options.  Our Barre classes include challenging and unique combinations of Barre exercises derived from dance and ballet training to specifically target the core, glutes, and legs.  Muscle tension release techniques and posture correction instruction are also included several of our Yoga and Barre class options.       


Nutrition Services




VIVE’s Indoor Cycle program is one of the best quad burning cardio workouts around!  Join us in our theater-styled cycle studio for a fun, intense workout driven by your favorite workout playlists and/or inspirational videos displayed on the studio’s movie screen.  Our instructors are constantly updating their workouts and music selections to get you in gear and moving!  This low-impact, high intensity workout is sure to keep you coming back for more.  

One of the most important and MOST MISUNDERSTOOD aspects of health and fitness is nutrition.  Let our experts take the guess work out of the equation for you.  Our Nutrition Coaches is ready to serve those who require a deeper and more personalized approach into their nutrition habits, through customized meal planning, and macronutrient counting.  


Corrective Therapy


"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you".  Great advice for everyone that exercises. While you're challenging your body, you are also building up muscular tension and accumulated fatigue.  This tension and fatigue can manifest itself as pain and restricted movement, which will directly interfere with reaching your fitness goals.  Our Corrective Therapy team can help keep you on track!  By employing a variety of massage styles and techniques, VIVE's LMT's can keep your musculoskeletal structures in top form and allow you to continue challenging yourself to reach your optimal levels of health and fitness.  

image2 (2).jpeg

        VIVE's Smoothie Bar and our selection of snacks, drinks, and meals is our way of offering you convenience to provide your body with the fuel it needs.  Try one of our smoothies post-workout to set yourself up for recovery with the correct "macros" for you - with options for lower calories and/or lower carbs.  Feeling lethargic before your workout?  Try a pre-workout energy drink from the cooler.  Looking for healthy snack options?  Check out our selection of high protein snacks - options for the sweet-tooth and for the salt-craver are available!  Ready to eat meals from FitAF are also available.  

Smoothie Bar


Other Amenities


VIVE is here to serve all of your health and fitness needs.  Part of that service is providing an all-inclusive health club experience.  Relax and recover from your workout in our steam rooms and dry saunas.  Wash off that hard in our beautifully modelled lockeroom and shower facilities.  Finally, sit and enjoy your pre/post workout drinks, use our complimentary Wi-Fi, or do some socializing in our comfortable and inviting lobby.