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John Nadzan

Fitness Instructor

I'm thrilled to join the Vive Fitness family as your new fitness instructor. A deep-seated belief in the transformative power of knowledge fuels my fitness journey. I'm not just here to guide you through workouts; I'm here to empower you, to help you realize your fullest potential - both in physical prowess and mental resilience.

  • Certified NASE-CSS Trainer: I am certified by the National Association of Speed and Explosion, specializing as a certified speed specialist.

  • NASM CPT in Progress: I'm on my way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

  •  As a senior at PennWest University, I'm close to earning my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, complemented by a minor in Psychology. This unique combination equips me with a holistic understanding of the physical and mental aspects of fitness.

  • HIIT and Resistance Training: My favorite workouts. Expect sessions that are energetic, challenging, and incredibly rewarding.

  • Mind-Body Connection: I believe in the synergy between physical fitness and mental well-being. Prepare to engage your body and mind in every session. Lifelong Learner: My passion for knowledge doesn't stop at the gym doors. I'm continuously exploring new aspects of fitness, health, and the fascinating interplay between mind and body.

My Schedule


Strength (Upper Body)



Strength (Upper Body)







Full Body Strength & Conditioning



Strength (Upper Body) Strength (Lower Body)

9am (Upper) 10am (Lower


Strength (Lower Body) Strength (Upper Body)

9 am (Lower) 10am (Upper)

John Nadzan

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