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More to Your Membership

Community is Built Here

Here at VIVE, we have more of what makes your membership so important to us. We want you to have everything you need including these wonderful amenities throughout our gym.


Corrective Therapy

We offer a wide range of corrective therapy techniques to relieve muscle aches, soreness, and more. Enjoy our restorative experience.


Smoothie Bar

Our smoothies come with whey, soy, or vegan protein to start or complete your workout. An extra bonus to our community.

Check out our menu below! 


Sauna & Locker Room

Our sauna provides a soothing experience after working out to unwind & we have a fully equipped locker room. 


Towel Service

Towel Service is added alongside your membership everyone is asked to take no more than 3 towels each visit. Thank you!


 More to Your Membership?

Our Membership Advisor Hal would be more than happy to speak with you regarding questions about our membership services.

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